Assault Procedure

Eastern New York Referee Assault Procedure

The following is the procedure that MUST be followed in the event of an assault on a referee: If the game is in progress, the referee IMMEDIATELY terminates the contest.

Under NO circumstances is the game to be completed.

If a person with a pass (coach/player/trainer) was involved, and the referee can safely do so, display the red card. Again, if safety permits, after retaining the offender(s) card(s), the referee may return the others unless local rules require the referee to retain all passes (using an intermediary is a good method to avoid any further problems). However, even if the referee cannot display the red card or retain the passes, a Supplemental Game Report still is to be submitted detailing the assault and the misconduct (dismissal/send off).

If contact was of a nature that the crime was possibly committed (physical assault i.e. being struck, bumped, pushed, or spat on), the referee is to contact local law enforcement immediately and fill out a formal complaint at the venue. This way, any witnesses who can support the referee’s story will be on record with the police as well.

As soon as possible (preferably the same day) the referee is to contact the following:

The president of your local referee association, State Referee Administrator (SRA) Klaus Mueller Phone: (516) 796-3342 Email:

State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) John Sengelaub Phone: (516) 796-9775 Email:

ENY State Association President Adult Games: Sal Rapaglia Phone: (917) 371-5188 Email:

Youth Games: Richard Christiano Phone: (516) 766-0849 Email:

Contact should be preferably being by phone.

Fill out a USSF Referee Game and Supplemental Report and submit to the proper State governing body (ENYYSA, ENYSASA) for the match. Be clear and complete, but calm and unemotional. Do not make recommendations or suggestions as to what you feel should be done. Simply state the facts. Be sure to send copies to all three individuals in step listed in Step 4.

Await contact by either by the SRA or State office about further proceedings. Be sure to proceed with any charges with local law enforcement.